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The mission of the Guastavino Alliance is to tell the fascinating story of the life of the Guastavinos, father and son, to maximize public interest in the history and preservation of their over 1,000 and more unique works of structural tile, vaulting, and domes, by creating an alliance of the over 600 sites that still may be seen in 30 states and six countries.


The Alliance connects sites with each other through programs, projects, exhibitions, lectures, digital storytelling, and social media.


The goal of the Alliance is to enable all sites to work together to be more effective in preservation, research, and education.


David Madden, Chair

Helen Johnson, Treasurer

Tom Patteson, Secretary


Anne Chesky Smith

Michael Dempsey

Suzanne Fisher 

Bud Hansbury

Rena Henderson
Helen Johnson

Bill Moore

Rob Morris
Kieta Osteen-Cochrane