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Guastavino Alliance Grant Program


The Guastavino Museum, Inc. (the 501c3 organization that hosts the Guastavino Alliance) has established a grant program to allow sites that are part of the Guastavino Alliance to request funds to Guastavino related projects. The funds available at the launch are modest but we hope that the amount available will grow over time. The funds are intended for small projects, to enhance a project, or to provide partial assistance for a project. A few examples are signage highlighting the architectural features of Guastavino structures, a brochure or other handout, exhibitions, seminars, lectures, education programs for all ages, research efforts, work to get local or national historic designation, stabilization of a site, and rehabilitation of a site. Collaborations of Alliance sites are encouraged. Funds may not be used for salaries, operating expenses, or fundraising efforts.  Applications that propose fund matching are encouraged. 



Grant applications will be accepted once a year on the schedule below. 


Cycle I

Applications due:  March  1

Decisions made by May 1

Earliest award date: May 15


A site may receive only one grant per calendar year. A maximum of $500.00 will be awarded per grant with a maximum of two grants awarded per calendar year.


Review and Award Process

Applications will be evaluated by a review committee that will rank the applications received and provide brief comments about the project. The review committee recommendations will be considered by Board of Directors which will make a final decision. If a Board member is affiliated with an applicant site, that Board member will be recused from the consideration of all applications during that cycle.


Award decisions will be made using the following considerations:

  • Impact of the project on a local or wider level to increase the knowledge and appreciation of the Guastavinos’ work

  • Diversity of projects in addressing ethnic, economic, and geographic groups

  • Ability to complete project in proposed time frame


All applicants will receive a brief summary describing the reasons for the decision to make or deny an award.


All stipulations related to the grant will be detailed in a contract signed by the grantee and the Guastavino Museum, Inc. before funds are released. The Guastavino Museum, Inc. reserves the right to deny grant funding for any reason.


Requirements for grant acceptance

The support provided by the Guastavino Alliance should be acknowledged in materials produced. 

Any state, local, or Federal taxes resulting from a grant award are the sole responsibility of the grantee. 


After the end of the project a brief report on accomplishments will be required. This should be a maximum of 2 pages and include photos, a sample of materials produced, or other documentation as appropriate for the project.


Submission Process

The grant application should be submitted as a Word document in Arial, Georgia, Helvetica or Palatino Linotype typeface of at least 11 point and no more than 15 characters/spaces per inch and 6 lines per vertical inch. Applications must be received via email by 8 pm Eastern time on the designated date to  Questions about the grant application process should be addressed to the same address. 


The document should include the following items in numbered order:


  1. Name of applicant organization/individual

  2. Contact information for all correspondence regarding grant application and award:
    Email address
    Mailing address
    Telephone number

  3. Describe the organization (if applicable)

  4. Describe the qualifications of the individual(s) involved in doing the project proposed.

  5. Describe the project proposed, including scope, staffing, and material needs.

  6. Provide a timeline for the project.

  7. Describe how this project will expand awareness and understanding of the Guastavinos’ work.

  8. Provide the total cost of the project, the proportion that would be funded by this grant, and how other required funds will be obtained.

  9. Provide a detailed budget for the project.

  10. Describe any relationships (personal, family, business) the organization or individuals have with the Guastavino Museum, Inc. or Board members.

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